Hi, I'm Karolina.

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been different than most and looked at life on a much deeper level than most. Always asking “why” and staying curious as what the meaning of life is. As a teenager I spent most weekends visiting different Metaphysical Stores and reading about Crystals and Witchcraft. Feeling most like myself amongst the burrows of books and Psychic tools, I knew this was not first trip on Earth. Always sensing Energies and Spirits and enabling my Intuition but never knowing what to do with my gifts.

Fast forward to when I took a Reiki Level 1 course which completely opened up my 3rd eye. I was sensing and “seeing” Spirits. Yes Spirits are real. Seeing my first client as a Reiki Intuitive Healer solidified my knowing that I was a Healer and Teacher and found my true calling on Earth.

How Did You Become an Energy Healer?

I have always had a passion for all things Spiritual and Metaphysical. One of my Spiritual Teachers has always told me of my gifts but I was too afraid to tap into theses powers. Thinking I was going to be chased by ghosts I suppressed these gifts for years. It wasn’t until I did my Reiki Level Training that opened up my 3rd eye. I can never go back to my old way of thinking.

What Do You Love About What You Do?

I love being that guide for people. I love providing the space where someone can fully let go, open up and feel accepted for who they are. I see so many people who literally have nobody to turn to and talk to you. If I had a dollar every time someone was shocked as to how I know certain things. I can read people like a book, almost literally.

How are you different from most Healers?

I use my Intuitive Gifts to read the energy and to intuitively see what’s going on in your life. Combining Reiki Energy to do a clearing and to wake up the Spiritual Body to bring to the surface what needs to be healed. I am naturally Clairsentient (Psychic feeling)and Clairvoyant (Psychic Seeing) so I bring to your awareness what needs to be addressed.

Are you Psychic?

No. Psychics don’t exist as they can’t predict what’s going to happen. People have Free Will. I read the energy. Think of it like a confirmation to what you already know. I guide you to do your own Healing. I provide a safe space for you to let go and open up to allow new thought patters and belief systems to be solidified.

What Type of Clients Do You Work With?

I work with all types of clients. I have seen children all the way up to seniors. It’s important to be open to Energy Work. If you think that Energy Healing is Hocus Pocus then I am not the Healer for you. When the student is ready the Teacher appears. If you are reading this then there’s a reason. You are ready.

Are Spirits Real?

Yes. Yes they are. One day I’ll write a book about my experiences.

Karolina Mankowski

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Coaching Services

Feeling stuck or lost? Truth is, we can all use some guidance. We all need someone who can help you to be better in tune with your heart and your feelings. As a Spiritual Healer, Reiki Practitioner and Clairvoyant, I will listen to your concerns and situation and help to offer guidance from a spiritual perspective. I will help you see more clearly when your judgement is clouded by stress and everyday concerns. My sessions will trigger within you your own abilities to heal yourself.